Out on a snowshoe adventure

Believe it or not, we do have snow in South Italy. Sometimes.

Calabria has almost 800 km of coastline, but the rest that’s in-between are mostly big mountain ranges: Sila, Aspromonte and Serre. And as I’m a huge mountain lover, we sometimes pack our stuff and take off for a little excursion.

This winter has been quite cold and thus, we had some nice snow in January. (Of course, only in the mountains) Coa and I therefore decided to have a little fun with our TSL 226 Randos.

Unfortunately going to the mountains always includes a 1-2 hour drive, which is why in the more warmer seasons we usually bring one of our tents and stay the whole weekend in the forests. We also thought about this option in winter. However, we still haven’t had the guts.

So we drove up to Camigliatello, a little mountain village in the province of Cosenza, which offers a cableway and a few facilities for skiers and other visitors. On our first trip we opted for a trail going from the valley station, through the forest, up to the Rifugio Monte Curcio, whereas our second hike started from the top of Monte Curcio and led us over the sunlit expanse of snow, which just seemed to be waiting for somebody to leave their traces in it. It goes without saying that the second one was obviously the more enjoyable excursion between the two, though we sure had fun on both.

Anyway…just have a look at our pictures.


Do you ever have the desire to have some fun in the snow, but skiing or snowboarding is not your cup of tea? Try a little snowshoe adventure. However, be prepared! Your legs will get tired a lot faster than on a normal walk. In the beginning, opt for shorter distances and just enjoy striding through fresh powdery snow fields.


PS: This February has just decided to be part of spring, so this was probably the last job for our snowshoes.



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