Thirty. I basically had a plan up to the age of 30.

School, university, travel, job, kids, maybe marriage. More or less what a normal person could think of. And now I’m here, 30 years old and…well, obviously things turned out quite different. Not everything of course, but still enough to leave me kind of purposeless.

Now here’s the thing: instead of going to England to do my master’s degree, after I completed my BA in Rome and then moving on to Africa to do some volunteering, I found the love of my life. Decisions were made, I never left Italy and eventually ended up in a small calabrian village called Roccelletta.

Don’t get me wrong, finding the love of your life is one of the greatest gifts and definitely worth the compromise. My companion of adventure (whom I will refer to as Coa from here on out) and me have been living happily together for almost 8 years now. However, unfortunately, we still aren’t blessed with another one of life’s greatest gifts. So instead of stumbling around trying to figure out how to turn the offspring into a decent human being (which I kind of thought would fill my life after 30), I now have to find some other fun activity to muck around in.

Career is also not that great of an option. First of all, as you may know, southern Italy is all but famous for its incredible job opportunities. And second, I’ve really never been a “career oriented person”. Work to live, ok. Live to work? Not so much.

But hey, fortunately, seems like the world is actually full of fun things to do. So I should probably just go on and do something.


Maybe write a blog!?